How to be the boss of your worry

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Worry got you feeling overwhelmed, stressed or unable to cope? It can help to reconceptualise worry as a bully that bosses us around, telling that something bad is going to happen, that we’ve stuffed up, or that we’re not good enough in some way. 

The good news is we can actually change our relationship with a bully, and adopt strategies that allow us to boss it back! Here’s how to get started:

 Recognise the type of your worry

You can only change what you are aware of in the first place, so self-awareness is key to building the mental strength and resilience that allows you to stand up to the worry bully.

Have a think about which of the more common worry stories or fears are holding you back. These can include a fear of uncertainty, fear of loss of control, fear of failure, fear of change, fear of disapproval, fear of embarrassing yourself or fear of harm.

Get to know the voice of worry

Recognise the sound of worry’s voice and the tricks it tries to play – what is it telling you?

Try reconsidering the worry as a pesky rascal trying to hassle you to make up for its own insecurities – recognising that this is the way any bully tries to gain power over you.

Be an objective observer

A bully will always try to provoke you, and worry can be very convincing. But, as you know, a bully is only a bully if we give it attention.

Get a bit of distance from your thoughts. Remember you always have a choice of whether to listen to worry or not give it the attention it’s demanding.

Remember that worry serves no purpose

When you reconceptualise worry as a futile mental process, you can far more readily loosen the shackles that worry has had over us. 

Remember that you always have a choice of whether to listen to worry or stand up to it.