Mind Strength Mental Skills Coaching

Equipping elite athletes, sports teams, and coaches with the winning edge.

“I have been working with Dr Jodie Lowinger, her Mind Strength Method, and human performance coaching for over two years now. Words don’t do justice to the impact it’s had.”


— Brian Siemsen

Ex-South Sydney Rabbitoh, NRL

Looking to level up your 
mental skills?

Dr Jodie is a high-performance coach, clinical psychologist, and anxiety expert who equips elite and aspiring athletes, sports teams, and coaches with the mental skills to perform as champions through her Mind Strength Methodology, recognised by The Australian as one of the 50 Australian Inventions Changing the World.

Learn how to master the all-important one percenters.

You will learn to:

1. Master Your Mindset

Build an Olympian’s mindset to break through mental barriers, improve performance, motivation and determination. You’ll learn how to manage the critical voice, conquer unhelpful beliefs of perfectionism and overcome fear of failure or fear of being judged. Plus the mindset tools to reset and refocus through pain or injury.

2. Perform at Your Best Under Pressure

Maintain and harness positive stress, and reduce negative stress, manage nerves and maintain concentration before and during big games and in high-pressure situations. You’ll learn powerful visualisation techniques to prepare the mind and body to perform, and build mental toughness to help you endure and thrive through the inevitable rollercoaster of life in sport.

3. Build Mental Fitness

Manage and prevent anxiety and stress and build confidence, courage, happiness, and wellbeing both in and outside of sport. You’ll learn assertiveness skills, to cope with expectations and negative impacts from others, along with relaxation and meditation techniques to quieten the mind and body, when needed.

4. Build Focus, Consistency, and Endurance

Set effective goals, objectives, and action plans to handle the rigours of training and enhance the capacity for grit, endurance, motivation and the pursuit of excellence. You’ll learn how to tune out unhelpful distractions and focus on what matters to play your best, including mindfulness skills to maintain present-moment focus.

5. Build High-Performing and Cohesive Teams

Develop team chemistry, keep teammates on track, and ensure your team is working towards common team goals. You’ll learn how to build effective communication and conflict resolution skills, create confidence and trust, and instill a growth mindset as a team. These mental skills are make-or-break in today’s sporting arena.

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