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Do you have a ‘Ferrari mind’, full of drive and ambition?
Want to go from brilliant to even better?
Perhaps you’re experiencing a few speed bumps?

Let’s do some fine-tuning and equip you with a toolkit for phenomenal performance.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jodie as my executive coach. Jodie has a wealth of experience in helping leaders deal with stress, find balance and elevate performance. Jodie also spent time with my extended team, coaching them on building resilience and achieving peak performance, where the feedback was resoundingly positive. I strongly recommend Jodie as someone who will help you extend your impact and enable you with tools that will be useful for the long-term.”


— Karl Durrance

Managing Director Stripe

Exclusive. Confidential. Transformational.

Dr Jodie Lowinger is a Harvard-trained clinical psychologist and an experienced executive coach who’ll work with you to fine-tune your mindset and skills to succeed. Her approach to executive coaching will help you navigate what’s holding you back, and hit your stretch goals. Are you ready to open up, self-reflect, and make some changes?

Mind Strength executive coaching pillars

Dr Jodie’s Mind Strength executive coaching programs combine leading-edge business strategies with psychological tools based on four key success pillars.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Engage in strategies to manage and prevent anxiety, OCD, stress, low mood, anger, agitation, burnout or addiction, including positive psychology tools.

Leadership and Teams

Develop outstanding leadership qualities in alignment with your goals and personal values, as well as the skills to motivate and create cohesive teams.

Mindset and Resilience

Embrace a growth mindset and distress tolerance, overcome performance blocks such as worry, procrastination and perfectionism and achieve resilient high performance.

Culture and Strategy

Clarify your business mission, purpose, strategic goals, and values to manage change, reduce conflict and build psychological safety through uncertainty.

Frequently asked questions

Searching for the perfect executive coach for you? Review the following frequently asked questions to help you make the right decision in working with Dr Jodie.

What should I consider when evaluating potential executive coaches?

Some of the key factors to consider include their coaching approach and philosophy, communication style, track record, and testimonials from current and past clients. There’s also the chemistry and trust factors.

For more than 20 years, Dr Jodie has been working with global CEOs and leaders across many industries, using a personalised process and clear performance metrics and goals to measure the impact of coaching.

How do I assess the fit between myself and Dr Jodie?

Get in touch with Dr Jodie to discuss your goals, expectations and gauge compatibility (or ‘chemistry’), to establish whether you feel comfortable, confident and excited to be working together.

What methodologies or coaching techniques does Dr Jodie use?

Executive coaches often have specific methodologies and techniques they use.
As the creator and bestselling author of the Mind Strength Method, Dr Jodie has highly differentiated expertise. She draws on a depth of experience and training as a clinical psychologist and anxiety and mindset expert, business strategist, and management consultant, to inform the professional and personal development of CEOs, seniors leaders, and founders.

Dr Jodie’s Mind Strength Methodology is transforming human behaviour and enabling people to achieve their potential around the world.

What’s the cost of executive coaching, and how is it structured?

Dr Jodie offers one-on-one and team coaching programs, which can be structured on an hourly rate or as a package. Get in touch to ask how Dr Jodie can best support your personal, leadership, and career goals.

“Jodie is a formidable person to have on your side. She is an optimistic powerhouse who helps my leaders and organisation cut through all the noise and confusion so we can reset, refocus and achieve peak performance. Whether you need help in your personal life or in business or both, Jodie’s Mind Strength Method is remarkable and I highly recommend her.”


Founder, CEO & Executive Creative Director, Frost*collective

“It’s been a pleasure to have connected with Dr Jodie, who has provided her tremendous knowledge, skill and craft to help with the development of a key member of our leadership team. What she also brings, in addition to her depth of knowledge, is her deep care and the ability to hold space for important conversations, through her empathy. Thank you Jodie for your work with us, for which I’m truly grateful.”


Chief Strategy Officer,

“Dr Lowinger is the Performance and Mindset Coach for the Vittoria Coffee Senior Management Team. Jodie has unique skills, combining her expertise as a Doctor of Clinical Psychology with a sharp intelligence and business acumen. She is deeply committed to the excellence of our senior management team. She has a passion, positivity and energy that is contagious and an ability to foster authentic and trusting relationships with all who work with her.”


Managing Director, Vittoria Food & Beverage

“Working with Jodie has been an absolute game-changer for me, and I cannot recommend her enough. Jodie has a unique approach to coaching, combining expertise and creativity with a deep understanding of the human mind and behaviour. With her unwavering support, she guided me through powerful techniques and exercises that helped me gain clarity, break free from self-limiting beliefs, and develop a strong and empowering mindset. Thanks to Jodie’s guidance, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible.”


Founder & Managing Director, Gillie & Marc

“I have had the privilege to work with Dr Jodie for the past 10 months and it has changed my life in so many ways. She has been extremely helpful in dealing with my anxiety and stress levels that come with being the founder and CEO of a fast-growing company. Her value driven approach helped me compartmentalise my thoughts to successfully face the various challenges encountered with both work and personal life. I’m extremely thankful for her support in taking my leadership skills to the next level while continuing to maintain my core values.”


Founder & Managing Director, Katzion

“I went to Jodie because I wanted to prepare for a senior executive role and overcome any performance barriers. Jodie has a rare combination of theoretical excellence and business acumen, but most importantly, really cares about my personal and professional success. After only months with Mind Strength, I am seeing results. I am more resilient, have more confidence, and am clearer about what I want to achieve. The skills I am developing are really making a difference. Having Jodie as a coach feels like an unfair competitive advantage. I see her as my secret weapon.”


Group Chief Information Officer, Transport for NSW

“Jodie is a unique individual in that she bridges the divide between having a deep technical mastery of psychology as well as understanding the complexities of individuals and teams operating in complex business environments. Her Mind Strength Method is simple to understand, yet incredibly effective. Her guidance and insights have helped me to become more effective, both personally and professionally. I’ve highly recommended Jodie to many startup founders whenever I’ve had the opportunity, either as a personal coach or someone that can help unlock higher levels of performance in entrepreneurial leadership teams.”


Founder & Investor, Right Click Capital

“Since working with Jodie, my business has increased approximately 50 per cent. This is during a time when most real estate agents have decreased. Jodie’s sessions energise me and give me perspective. I have achieved personal and professional goals I never would have thought possible.”


Partner, McGrath

“We engaged Jodie for executive coaching as part of our leadership team’s professional development plans after watching her speak at a mentoring seminar. Jodie has been an absolute pleasure to do business with, and has made an enormous difference in the dynamic of our team and the lessons we are teaching our Emerging Leaders. Jodie makes understanding the underlying drivers of human behaviour accessible, and equips you with practical strategies to help bring out the best in people. The ROI is evident already. If you value developing true leadership, then I highly recommend you get in touch.”


CEO, Central Finance Management Group

“I have been working closely for one year now with Dr Jodie and her brilliant program – Mind Strength High Performance and Executive Coaching. Dr Jodie is like having a silent partner in your company. As a sole director, I often felt alone with navigating the hurdles of a fast growing architectural practice. Dr Jodie has provided me and the team with values driven actions to achieve success. Dr Jodie has strengthened me to have clarity in my decisions and direction. I will continue to engage Dr Jodie as my business coach for the future as she provides unmeasurable value to me as a leader and the success of my practice.”


CEO & Founder, CMA

“Claim Central and I have been working with Dr Jodie Lowinger, her Mind Strength Method and human performance coaching for over 2 years now and words don’t do justice to the impact it’s had on myself and our key leaders globally. Her ability to distill down and simplify life’s complexities into useful tools that can be applied everyday in both personal and professional situations is incredible. I would highly recommend this in both a personal and professional context. Very empowering!”


Global CEO, Claim Central Consolidated, Ex NRL Premier League

“I was thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Jodie and learn about the Mind Strength Method; an incredibly thought provoking and powerful concept, with tools that really helped me focus my mind at times of externally or internally driven stress and anxiety. The method itself, combined with her coaching style, helped me better deal with challenges inside and outside of my work life and I find myself often reflecting but also projecting the concepts to my team, colleagues, friends and family. Everyone can benefit from the Mind Strength Method – thanks a million Jodie!”


Head of Marketing & Distribution, Envest Direct Agencies

“I had the absolute pleasure to work with Dr Jodie Lowinger on the ‘Mind Strength Business Leaders Program’. Jodie was great to work with – professional, passionate, well organised and extremely knowledgeable. Jodie was able to tailor a program that was relevant to my business challenges, goals and aspirations. I’m looking forward to a long and collaborative working relationship with Dr Jodie Lowinger. I would be happy to recommend Dr Jodie Lowinger to any future business leader.”


Managing Director, Kaipara Property Group

“Jodie makes you feel comfortable, while pushing you to peak performance and a place of personal satisfaction. My time with Jodie has resulted in both improved personal and business performance and she is now working with our broader team.”


CEO & Co-Founder, Guroo Producer

“Jodie’s intelligence and astute business mind are outstanding. It can be lonely at the top and alongside Jodie’s skills and techniques to help me achieve my vision, she is a valued confidente. With Jodie I have the confidence of zero judgment, deep care, absolute confidentiality and exceptional strategies for myself and my team. It is priceless to have this standout individual as a sounding board to share my challenges and identify solutions.”


Managing Director, Frost*collective

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