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“In speaking at the AmCham Global Leadership Academy, Dr Jodie zeroed in immediately on the underlying causes of stress for high-achieving leaders. Dr Jodie’s step by step process to build resilience, optimise performance, and encourage a values-focused outlook comes at just the right moment to help you become calmer, happier and more productive.”


— April Parlmerlee

CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

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Why book Dr Jodie

Described by journalists as “Australia’s Brené Brown”, Dr Jodie combines decades as a coach to CEOs and Olympians, management consultant, adult, child and adolescent clinical psychologist and anxiety expert. 

Her practical and relatable keynotes make the neuroscience of anxiety and high performance accessible, giving your audience helpful takeaways on mindset, wellbeing, resilience, mental fitness, leadership and culture that can be applied in the often complex context of today’s workplace.

Mindset isn’t warm and fuzzy. Dr Jodie’s work is designed around her Mind Strength Methodology and the premise that mastering your mindset is the foundation of high performance. Her presentations unpack how the brain works and explain the predictability of human behaviour, and tools to thrive, which your audience can all use as a superpower! 

“Dr Jodie has an amazing talent to take what is complex, and present it in a way that’s relatable and actionable. I have had the great fortune of co-presenting with Dr Jodie at events, and at the same time, benefiting from her wisdom when it comes to navigating our emotions and relationships with ourselves and others both in business and life. Anyone and everyone can benefit from hearing, learning and applying what Dr Jodie has to share.”


Founder, QA Business

“Dr Jodie Lowinger recently presented at my leadership Think Tank CEO group, talking on Mind Strength strategies to build resilience, mental health and peak performance. Jodie’s natural style and engaging manner ensured the group was invested throughout the session, and enabled them all to identify strategies to help them achieve more in the future. We’ll be engaging Jodie to work with more of our CEO groups throughout the year.”


Co-Founder and Director, Leadership Think Tank

“Dr Jodie is one of our most inspiring speakers and authors. Every single audience has loved her for her great insights, her empathy, her hands on tips and always inspiring words. With great passion, Jodie and her Mind Strength Method are helping corporate audiences around the world to build resilience and high performance and deal with anxiety and uncertainty and we are grateful for the consistent value that she brings.”


CEO, Leqture The Netherlands

“We recently invited Dr Jodie Lowinger to talk to our staff on how to Conquer Imposter Syndrome, Build Courage and Influence. With over 80 in attendance, Dr Lowinger inspired us all to shift away from our fears, utilising the Mind Strength Method techniques. It was a session rich with practical tools we could all walk away with and immediately put to use. The session was insightful and inspiring. Dr Jodie’s warmth, calmness and above all connection and engagement with our staff was a standout. We look forward to working with Dr Lowinger again soon.”


Head of Human Resource, The Royal Sydney Golf Club

“It was such a delight to have Jodie Lowinger present amazing insights to our business. Jodie definitely hits the mark and I would recommend her to any organisation looking to find that balance in the drive for peak performance.”


Head of ASEAN Commercial Channel Partners, Microsoft

“We secured Dr Jodie for both a keynote and a following Mental Health First Aid session. One quick briefing and Dr Jodie was set to travel 5 hours to our location and present. And what a star she turned out to be; the 90 attendees loved every minute. The attendees were engaged, educated and left feeling more equipped to handle mental health issues for themselves, their teams and family and friends. Excellent feedback has followed and I would recommend Dr Jodie to anyone looking for something both entertaining and thoroughly educating on what is a very important issue. Thank you Dr.”


Head of Strategy, Yakkazoo

“Jodie Lowinger is one of the most articulate, entertaining and credible speakers on the topic of anxiety and resilience that I have encountered in my career. Her ability to engage an audience is outstanding and every time I see her in action I am wildly impressed.”


Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Mamamia Women's Media Company

“Dr Jodie attended a leadership event with us recently as keynote speaker on the important and powerful topic of psychological safety in the workplace. As a leading expert in her field, Dr Jodie is an excellent speaker, facilitator and coach on the topics of business strategy and high-performance culture, outstanding leadership, mindset, resilience and importantly mental health and wellbeing – all of which are the cornerstones to success in teams and organisations. The Mind Strength Method book is highly recommended and her work has certainly given us valuable insight and perspective to continue the conversation.”


Head of Financial Markets, National Australia Bank

“We were fortunate enough to have Jodie as a keynote speaker at our recent ANZ conference in Sydney on “Why mindset matters for success”. The fact that this was a repeat engagement with Jodie is a testament to how well her messaging resonates with people. The simplicity with which it was delivered was apparent to all who attended. Jodie’s very tangible advice was heard in abundance by those who witnessed her session, and her ability to stay in tune with the overarching messaging we had for the conference was omnipresent amongst our conference delegates.”


Head of Sales, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, Toshiba Australia

“We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Dr Jodie on an online event for our community. Dr Jodie shared her expertise and insights on managing stress and anxiety in a way that was practical and relatable. She showed tremendous understating and empathy that resonated with the audience, imparting information and guidance on such an incredibly important topic.”


Program Lead, MOIRA

“Jodie has spoken at numerous events of mine across a cross-section of industry sectors and titles. Jodie is such a wealth of information that is distilled to ensure that no matter the audience she is always able to speak to their needs. She always wows my audiences and clients and is an incredible speaker, person and leader.”


Event Producer, Marketing and Event Strategy

“A big THANK YOU to Dr Jodie for a wonderful keynote on building a winning mindset and high-performance habits. Dr Jodie’s contribution helped make our event a success. I would highly recommend Dr Jodie, her insights will add value to your conference, audience, and yourself personally. You can’t beat that!”


Business Operations Manager, Growth Faculty

“What a great session with Jodie and our leadership team on Mind Strength and Peak Performance. Jodie’s ability to capture the room and clearly articulate the power of the mind and its positive affect on leadership and team work is unparalleled. I highly recommend Jodies services and mentoring to others searching for this impactful session. Thanks again Jodie”


Head of Partnerships, Claim Central Consolidated

“Dr Lowinger ran a training day for our Senior Management Team working with them to find ways to build resilience and stress management. The team came away with an improved understanding of how they can personally manage stress and resolve conflict in the workplace. All of the senior team commented on how useful the day was and how informed and professional Dr Lowinger is. I would have no hesitation recommending her for senior management training.”


CEO, Studiocanal ANZ

“Dr Jodie delivered an inspiring workshop on building resilience and wellbeing in uncertain times. It was a brilliant session that importantly also gave us some great practical tips. The positive feedback from the team keeps rolling in. Thanks again Jodie!”

Karl Durrance

Managing Director, Stripe

“I’ve spent many sessions over the years with trainers and motivators preaching dialogue that seemed to fade away almost immediately after the sessions were over. Your workshop was different. All those that attended were engaged, interested and left with an indelible message on how to change their lives and deal with those hurdles that stop one from growing in business and as a person. Thank you.”


Principal, McGrath

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Frequently asked questions

Searching for the perfect keynote speaker for your next event? Review the following FAQs to help you make the right decision in booking Dr Jodie.

What factors should I consider when selecting a keynote speaker?

Some of the key factors to consider include the speaker’s experience and expertise, relevance to your audience, and presenting style. Dr Jodie is a Harvard-trained clinical psychologist who is a global expert on anxiety.

She is the founder and CEO of The Anxiety Clinic in Sydney and is sought after for her psychology and high-performance coaching credentials. She is regularly invited to speak with brands such as Google, Amazon, Allianz, BCG, and more.

How far in advance should I book a keynote with Dr Jodie?

Booking a keynote with Dr Jodie should ideally be done several months in advance, especially if you’re located outside of Sydney. Booking in as early as possible is highly recommended. Contact her team for details on availability.

Will Dr Jodie’s keynote message resonate with the audience?

Dr Jodie’s range of keynote topics resonate with different audiences, including CEOs, leaders, senior teams, athletes, school leaders, parents and students. Custom keynotes are available on mindset, mental fitness, high-performance or anxiety.

How do I know Dr Jodie is the right keynote speaker for my event?

Finding the right keynote speaker involves considering your event’s theme, goals, budget, and audience. Browse this page for testimonials from people and brands who highly recommend Dr Jodie as a keynote speaker.

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