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Corporate Keynote Speaking

Does your team have the mental skills and resilience to thrive today? Dr Jodie’s practical and relatable keynotes will give your people helpful takeaways on mindset, wellbeing, resilience, mental fitness, leadership, and high performance.

School Keynote Speaking

Are anxiety and mental health pressing concerns in your school community? Dr Jodie is on a mission to turn this around, sharing scientifically-supported tools that will help your students, teachers, and staff conquer fear and embrace resilience.

Executive and Mental Skills Coaching

Do you have a ‘Ferrari mind’, full of drive and ambition? Dr Jodie equips CEOs and leaders, founders, and elite athletes with the mental skills to overcome challenges, grow in confidence, build resilience and achieve peak performance.

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About Dr Jodie

Dr Jodie Lowinger DClin Psych MSc (USyd) BSc Psych Hons 1 University Medal (UNSW), is a clinical psychologist and executive performance coach who is recognised as one of the world’s leading anxiety, mindset and resilience experts. She is an in-demand keynote speaker and best-selling author of The Mind Strength Method.

Dr Jodie makes the neuroscience of anxiety and mindset accessible as CEO and founder of The Anxiety Clinic and the creator of The Mind Strength Method, which was recently named one of the 50 Australian Inventions Changing the World.

She is regularly invited to coach and speak with brands such as Google, Amazon, Allianz, BCG, and many more, and is called on as a thought leader and expert for media interviews, including appearances on Today Show, Sunrise, Vogue Magazine, Women’s Health and many top rating podcasts.

Dr Jodie believes no one should suffer in silence when the right scientifically-supported strategies and treatments can turn lives around.

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What if you could turn anxiety into your superpower?

The Mind Strength Method

The Mind Strength Method challenges the stories you’ve been telling yourself about your anxiety and mental health, offering you evidence-based techniques and a practical toolkit to help you build confidence, resilience, and happiness. 

It’s your go-to guide if you’re feeling caught in fight-or-flight mode and a must-read book in the midst of uncertainty. Feel seen with the relatable case studies, and overcome your fear-driven thoughts and behaviours by reframing your perspective.

“Dr Jodie’s method has helped me so much and I know this practical resource will help so many others work through anxiety. I can’t wait to share it with the world!”


Co-Founder, Kic

“We live in a fretful age. Certainties are collapsing. Demands are multiplying. Anxiety is an epidemic. Luckily, Dr Lowinger has the measure of your amygdala. In this book, she explains the “flight, fight or freeze” response that drives so much of our stress. But her real gift is her techniques for reframing those responses to return power and strength to our daily lives. Read it.”



“Dr Jodie’s Mind Strength Method is a must! Her calm and constant nature is unique, as is her empathetic and encouraging take on building resilience and courage, and overcoming adversity. Her advice and techniques help tackle challenging situations in a constructive and uncomplicated manner. This mood-boosting book is packed with positive and practical ways to live the best life you can, create confidence, reduce stress, and take back control of your life.”


Editor in Chief, News Corp Australia

“The Mind Strength Method is a ‘must-read’ book for those suffering anxiety, or anyone who deals with stress. Some simple and achievable tools for navigating a busy and unpredictable lifestyle, which is most of us, really!  Combining the fundamentals of neuroscience, psychology and positive thinking, The Mind Strength Method is the ‘Google Maps’ for navigating anxiety, stress and a busy life. Really outstanding, Jodie.”


Neurosurgical Specialist, Neuroscientist

“Dr. Jodie Lowinger is absolutely passionate about helping us to manage our anxiety.  Her intelligent, practical and positive approach to teaching the skills we all need at certain times of our lives to counter anxious tendencies is effective and invaluable. This is enhanced by her warmth, empathy and determination to make a difference. At this challenging time in society today, Jodie Lowinger’s book is a must read.”


Presenter, All In the Mind, ABC Radio National

“More than ever in these anxious, uncertain times, we all need strategies to help our minds cope and even thrive. Dr Jodie Lowinger practically sets out exercises for minds to gain strength, and for the reader to feel empowered to face his/her anxiety. Beneficial to both adults and children, I will be recommending this book to my friends as a journal of empowerment. Well done and thank you, Dr Lowinger.”


The Wiggles

“Dr Jodie’s step-by-step process to build resilience, optimise performance, and encourage a values-focused outlook comes at just the right moment. As the world grapples with the effects of the pandemic, more and more people will need anti-anxiety toolkits, and Dr Jodie’s book can help anyone create their own.”


CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

“Jodie has an extraordinary desire to help those struggling with anxiety. Her knowledge on the topic of anxiety and resilience is quite remarkable, so too her drive to make a difference to peoples’ lives. The Mind Strength Method is hugely beneficial to anyone looking to get the best out of both themselves and those around them. At a time where the world is struggling with anxiety and depression, programs such as Jodie’s truly make a difference.”


The Resilience Project

Dr Jodie combines outstanding skills as a high performance coach to global executives and organisations and an anxiety and mindset expert. Now captured in her book, Jodie’s Mind Strength Method helps both individuals and organisations succeed and is a must read book to help you through these challenging times.


Founding Senior Engineer, Tesla, Co-Founder, TNTX

“An hour with Dr Jodie Lowinger is an hour you will never regret so to be able to access her incredible Mind Strength Method in her new book is fantastic. Now more than ever people of all ages and backgrounds need to learn how to build resilience, reduce and manage stress and find ways to deal with the many challenges that life keeps gifting us. Dr Jodie is the perfect balance of empathy, passion and incredible knowledge and her program is a tool that I firmly believe everyone can benefit from.”


Senior Executive, Lendlease

“In a world that’s changing so fast it’s easy to lose your bearings, and Jodie’s approach provides a steadying compass to see you through modern life’s ups and downs. She combines deep empathy with no-nonsense practicality, through a process that’s life-affirming, refreshing, and that’s been a revelation for us and our children. For insight, for building resilience, and for tools to change your life for the better, we can’t recommend her approach highly enough.”


Cinematographer and Director, Oscar Award Winner Happy Feet, Co-Founder Big Serious Studios