Values Builder Package: The Mind Strength Method + Values Cards


The Values Builder Package includes the best-selling book, The Mind Strength Method: Four Steps to Curb Anxiety, Conquer Worry and Build Resilience PLUS the Dr Jodie Values Cards. Save 20% off the full price when you buy the package – available for a limited time only.

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In a world where approximately one in four people experience challenging anxiety, The Mind Strength Method: Four Steps to Curb Anxiety, Conquer Worry and Build Resilience, is a transformational toolkit using the best scientifically supported techniques to help you and your family to:

  • Overcome fear-driven thoughts and behaviours and turn them into empowered action

  • Break free from being bossed around by worry and your inner critic

  • Build a resilient, high-performance mindset

  • Boost your mood, reduce stress and overcome burnout

Woven throughout this best-selling book are relatable case studies to help you and your family to overcome anxiety, stress, low mood and burnout, and move forward in your life with enhanced confidence, resilience, happiness and wellbeing.

It’s your go-to guide for anyone who feels they are caught in fight or flight mode and a must-read book in the midst of uncertainty.

“I have just finished reading The Mind Strength Method after a week of not being able to put it down! Incredibly grateful to have this as my tool for life!” ~ NICOLA, Nurse


Values are core to The Mind Strength Method: Four Steps to Curb Anxiety, Conquer Worry and Build Resilience. They are the guiding principles that we live and work by - the roadmap to keep you on track, to help you to define your goals and align to the actions that matter most.

Defining your values will help you, your family and your team to build greater:

  • Calm, happiness, meaning and success

  • Resilience against anxiety, stress, low mood and burnout

Clarity on your values equips you with a framework for making conscious choices about how you lead all facets of your life including relationships, finances, health, work and more.

In each deck of cards, there are more than 90 values for you to prioritise and create your action plan.

“The values exercise has transformed my life. I have a clear action plan to help me make decisions guided by meaning and fulfilment not avoidance and fear.” ~ WENDY, Business Owner